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Regulatory Contribution

The Regulatory Contribution was created by Article No. 10 of Law No. 27332 - Legal Framework for the Regulatory Bodies of Private Invesment in Public Services, which aims to finance the following public functions:

  • Supervision function
  • Regulation function
  • Ruling function
  • Enforcement and Sanctioning function
  • Controversy resolution function
  • Complaints resolution function
  • Access
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On January 1st 2014, Supreme Decree N° 129-2013-PCM and Supreme Decree N° 130-2013-PCM came into force, through which the aliquots for companies and institutions in the Mining and Energy (Electricity and Hydrocarbons) sectors were established. The organizations involved in these activities must pay a Regulatory Contribution (APR) to the Environmental Evaluation and Enforcement Agency (OEFA).

To this end, OEFA has approved the Regulatory Contribution Collection and Control Procedure, through Resolution of the Board of Directors N° 009-2014-OEFA/CD, published on January 31st 2014, which governs the processes for registration, declaration and payment of the APR.

The Regulation Contribution (APR System) was established to enable and streamline said processes, allowing obligated companies to be registered and to perform their monthly Sworn Statement.

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