Supervision Directorate

About us

The Supervision Directorate is a OEFA unit formed by a specialized team that leads, coordinates and performs follow-up and verification actions related to the environmental legislation compliance of all persons, natural or legal, public or private, nationwide.

Likewise, it oversees public agencies with a mandate to assess, supervise and enforce environmental performances.

What do we do

To comply with the role established, the Supervision Directorate must:

  • Follow-up and verify the performance of public entities that hold mandates of environmental enforcement, national, regional or locally.
  • Ensure compliance with standards, obligations and incentives as established in the environmental regulations for the parties concerned.
  • Verify compliance of programs set in the different Environmental Management Plans, as well as the environmental permits, concessions or authorizations for the use and/or beneficiation of natural resources and the administrative actions requirements.
  • Participate in the preparation and implementation of the Environmental Evaluation and Enforcement Annual Plan.
  • Prepare and propose standards for the better compliance of its supervisory role, as well as the improvement of the Environmental Management System.
  • Inform the Enforcement, Sanctions and Incentives Directorate about sanction deserving administrative infringements of environmental regulations, as well as deeds or actions that may deserve an incentive
  • Promote coordination between and capacity building of agencies performing environmental oversight and enforcement.
  • Competencies
  • Preserve the integrity of ecosystems and landscapes.
  • Contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources and the development of productive activities, for an effective management and protection of the environment.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental standards and regulations