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Decentralized Offices

  • Offices
  • Competencies
  • Perform OEFA roles and activities in their geographic area of intervention.
  • Supervise and guarantee compliance of guidelines, management tools and other standards issued by OEFA and other units with their area of competence.
  • Define and perform strategies, instruments and proposals allowing optimizing the decentralized bureau processes.
  • Manage efficiently the logistic, human and financial resources of the decentralized bureau enabling reaching the goals established by OEFA.
  • Implement inter-institutional management strategies by strengthening relations with local institutions and encouraging citizen participation.
  • Carry out budgetary assessments of the outcomes obtained in the bureau under their management.
  • Execute activities to serve and guide the citizens.
  • Process environmental complaints filed before the Communication and Citizens’ Assistance Office relating to the responsibilities of OEFA.
  • Others as designated by the Chair of the Board.